Catina Thurmond
Administrative Assistant

Letter from the AA:

Hello. My name is Catina Thurmond. I am the Administrative Assistant with Braiydan.Black, LLC. It is my pleasure to be a member of this upward moving, black-owned business. I am a mother of two adult children who have gone about living their lives and now it's time for me to start anew.

I have over ten years of managerial and administrative experience as well as being a licensed Cosmetologists and a Para-Educator for grades K-12. I chose this company, Braiydan.Black, LLC, to broaden my horizons and become more financially stable as I continue my endeavor in starting a business of my own. By working from home, it allows me to be as flexible as I need to be while maintaining balance throughout the other parts of my life.

I truly believe in the commitment that Dania Platt, CEO of Braiydan.Black, LLC, has and her vision to provide stable, fulfilling and exhilarating opportunities to her family, friends and members of the community, near and far. I urge you to check out our website. I'm sure there's something there for each and every one of us!