Dania Platt
Founder & CEO


Braiydan.Black, LLC was founded with a mission of helping others. Having more control over your time, a steady income, and opportunity for advancement should be attainable for everyone.


History and CEO:

Braiydan.Black, LLC was founded on May 8, 2014 by its CEO, Dania Platt. She became a displaced worker in 2009 after the company she worked for opened 2 foundries in other countries. After that, she began looking for work from home opportunities so she would no longer have to send her children to daycare. She tried working for other companies as an employee but she had no control over her schedule and the pay wasn't desirable. 


Platt chose to contract with a company that would allow her to have control over her time and make money at the same time. When she started her company, she was attending college and raising 3 sons. Two of her sons were diagnosed with Autism and the third was diagnosed with ADHD. Having control over her time allowed her to be active in her sons' schools, give her children the extra attention they needed, earn her degree, and have income.


Platt has always had a "soft spot" for helping others. She saw a lot of people struggling to make ends meet while trying to provide for their families. She also lived in an area with a high unemployment rate. She wanted to be able to help others along the way by providing employment opportunities for them as well. She loved the fact that she could offer pay rates higher than minimum wage. 


Platt began as a Customer Service Professional (CSP) doing customer service and sales for a major retailer. She didn't feel this was a good fit for her. She also serviced another client where she did technical support by email. She didn't feel this was a good fit either. Between those clients, she contracted with a warranty company providing customer service. After a year and a half, she was promoted to Chat Performance Facilitator (PF) and Subject Matter Expert-Certification (SME). With hard work and dedication for a company she loved, she was promoted again a year later to a Quality Auditor PF and Customer Escalation SME. She currently services this client. In March of 2017, Platt became an Arise Certified Instructor. 


Platt has been working on expanding Braiydan.Black, LLC since 2016. She added other services to give others more opportunities. From this, 3 companies were added under the Braiydan.Black, LLC umbrella: In Home Professionals, The Brian Agency, and TD Bryce Telecom. In Home Professionals provides careers for customer service professionals to work from home. The Brian Agency currently provides roadside assistance but will be adding insurances in the near future. TD Bryce Telecom provides phone, internet, and cable services. Her vision is to continue to grow into a company that provides excellent multiservices.