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  • How do I get started?

Click here for the information you will need.


  • Can I really make money from home? 

Yes, you can.


  • Do you hire internationally and in all 50 states?

You must live in the United States. Sorry but residents of CA, CT, MD, MA, NY, OR, or WI cannot apply. However, we do have other opportunities we can direct you to.


  • Are there part-time or full-time positions available?

Both are available. We also have some seasonal positions available.


  • How much is the pay?

The pay is from $8 per hour to $18 per hour. It's based on the client that you choose to service. Seasonal positions are $15 per hour up to $25 per hour. If the client offers commissions, that commission will always be in addition to your base pay.


  • Are there any costs associated with working from home?

Yes. As a contractor, you would be responsible for investing in your training and equipment. The client training course is $149 or less and you will also need the equipment to service such as phone line, laptop/desktop, headset, etc. These costs are tax deductible. Incentives may apply if requirements are met. Costs are subject to change.

*Sorry, no felonies are allowed. Some misdemeanors ok.


  • Can I work from anywhere?

Almost. As long as you have everything that you need to service you can work there. You cannot service in CA, CT, MD, MA, NY, OR, or WI.


  • What type of work would I be doing?

All positions are about the same as brick and mortar call center positions but you work from the comforts of your own home. This is mainly a fast-paced environment. Clients offer opportunities for customer service, sales, and/or technical support. 


  • What can I expect in the client training?

During training, 100% attendance is required for the full 4 hour, instructor-led course, Monday-Friday. This means you should not arrive late nor leave early. You are expected to participate in training, study outside of training, complete assignments, pass all assessments, and pass the certification course. If there is any further training, you are expected to attend.


  • What are the work hours?

You create your own schedule. The hours available depend on the client you choose. Some clients are 24 hours. You will find this information on the opportunity announcement in the portal.


  • Why is email the preferred method of contact?

You will receive majority, if not all, of your communication from your client via email. It is very important that you get into the habit of checking your email. In an effort to assist with this transition, communication during the hiring process is mainly email.


  • Is Braiydan.Black, LLC a legitimate company?

Yes. Braiydan.Black, LLC holds a Certificate of Existence by the state of South Carolina and is in good standing. You can view more information at the government website for SC or by using a search engine.


  • How will I get paid?

Direct deposit to your personal checking account on the 1st and 15th of the month. No taxes will be deducted from the pay. An Arise platform usage fee of $19.75 and an IBO Administration fee are the only items that will be deducted per pay period. The IBO Administrative fee is 10% of the earned revenue after the Arise fee is deducted, up to $30.


  • Are there overtime requirements or pay?

As a contractor, there would be no overtime pay. However, with most clients you can work over 40 hrs per week. This would be at the same pay rate.


  • Is there opportunity for advancement?

Yes. There are supervisory level positions, instructing, and other positions you can advance to.


  • Are there benefits?

No. We recommend that you make sure you have health insurance, as required by law, and a retirement plan.


  • Will I receive a Form W-2?

No. As a contractor, you will receive a Form 1099. You would be responsible for paying any taxes owed, as they will not come out of your pay.

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  • How do you pronounce Braiydan.Black, LLC?

Bray-den dot black


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