In Memory of Preston Tullos

     There are no words that can express how much Preston meant to Braiydan.Black, LLC, nor the amount of loss that was felt. Preston started with the company in April 2016. He stood out during his interview which caught the attention of the CEO. She decided to hire him for administrative work since the business was growing and she was getting behind. Preston came in and the organization seemed to be instant. He also worked a client in addition to his administrative duties where he excelled there as well. He was later promoted to Training Coordinator. Anything that was needed, he would jump to do.


     At the time the news of Preston's passing was received in 2017, the CEO was trying to offer him yet another opportunity. She knew he was made for it and would represent the company well. His character and work ethics were unique and will truly never be forgotten.


     There isn't a day that goes by that Preston isn't missed. His absence was felt severely while the company was expanding since we could not share all of the excitement with him. We wish peace and understanding for all of his family and friends. We take comfort in trusting that he is in a better place where he feels joy and knows how much he was and is loved. 



 Preston STullos

~ Forever And Always Remembered ~

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